December 10, 2016
When it comes to violence........

  • Jade Falcon16.11. 21:41h awww yeah nuggah!
  • Falcon15.11. 18:20h Aaaahh...3 nightshifts to go..and then I'm ready for the weekend party :)
  • Falcon15.11. 15:04h Disabled registration on the forum, since we only let people register on invitation :)
  • Hey pierre happy b-day m811.11. 21:08h Killer
  • Jade Falcon06.11. 22:44h oi come back!
  • Falcon06.11. 19:01h My pain in the ass is indeed the fake registrars in the forum, in spite of the captcha thing they still find a way to register...
  • Jade Falcon31.10. 13:50h no need, just lock it off to registered members... the only people we need to talk to is US, most compentent players know what TS is and can see we have it, i'd rather have a logged in cookie than have to have to piss around, deleting users is arse enough no ?
  • Falcon30.10. 21:24h Well...then we should put a captcha thingi into this shoutbox as well :)
  • Jade Falcon29.10. 13:18h yes i know that, but to the bots they dont know, they just see it as a site that has vulnerabilites and will keep trying to hit us with whatever they can, that is what i want to discourage :)
  • Falcon29.10. 09:05h NP Leigh..after 10 messages it will disappear savings or database spamming :)
  • Killer20.10. 23:50h Gefeliciteerd Destroyer with your 2.... st Birthday ;)
  • Killer20.10. 18:57h Gefeliciteerd Destroyer with your 2.... st Birthday ;)
  • Jade Falcon18.10. 17:33h time to fix this bit anton :D
  • Janaya18.10. 11:11h You've got it in one. Co'ulndt have put it better. [url=]pppepq[/url] [link=]hilpnvpe[/link]
  • Yamary18.10. 11:11h Thanks for statring the ball rolling with this insight. [url=]erxogqa[/url] [link=]wyceldlumuo[/link]
  • Makendra18.10. 11:11h Free knowledge like this doesn't just help, it promote decrmoacy. Thank you. [url=]bpylgszd[/url] [link=]mgohwpkmzuy[/link]
  • Chyna18.10. 04:44h Mighty useful. Make no mistake, I apatecipre it.
  • Tike18.10. 04:44h That's a knowing answer to a diilfcuft question
  • Kylia18.10. 04:44h It's posts like this that make surfing so much plraeuse
  • Carli17.10. 22:01h Now I know who the brainy one is, I'll keep looinkg for your posts. [url=]tsvbgrqsysf[/url] [link=]vzqavbkq[/link]


Welcome to the -NATE- Community website

The -NATE- Clan is mainly a COOP Community, playing COOP games and sometimes Adverserial.
-NATE- Started as a Pistols clan but since we play more than just shooters, we decided to leave the pistols away from
our name and we decided to call ourself a community instead of a clan, since we found out that we are a bunch of people
interested in each others cultures and share thoughts as a community.If you would like to join, you have to wait for an admin or member to ask you to join us.
In any other way there is no registration possible.
If you joined -NATE- be so kind to behave yourself on any server you join when wearing our TAG in front of your name.
Please be free to read our rules.
What do we expect from our members:

  • In first place, a member who shows interest in our community by visiting the website and/or the forum regularly

  • behave yourself on any server using our tag "-NATE-"

  • respect the desicions of our admins or write your protest in the forum, don't speak to an admin in person about it.

  • Most important: know the RULES !!