February 19, 2018
When it comes to violence........

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  • Falcon01.01. 00:26h To all my -NATE- friends and their families "Happy new Year" in good health
  • Falcon26.12. 01:04h Merry Christmas my friends and family, a bit late since e were very busy @ home with family but better late than never...
  • Jade Falcon22.10. 23:17h good to hear mate, take some chill time watch some judge judy, laugh at the tards and enjoy :D
  • Mandy21.10. 12:58h Enjoy! Hope your hand feels better soon!
  • Falcon20.10. 00:29h Guys and girls, surgery went well, now I'm off for holiday for 1 week. see you all soon.
  • Jade Falcon18.09. 21:30h i need my passwords resetting anton, forgotten what i changed it to last time is all :D
  • Killer15.09. 21:10h Every day it's even my starting page on every browser on my mobile and pc
  • Mandy15.09. 11:57h Almost every day...
  • Falcon14.09. 21:33h I wonder if there is anybody having a look at this website at all....
  • Falcon07.09. 11:35h Hi all, I added a list of the latest forum posts to the bottom of the main page. as you can see, the latest post is from BF2
  • Ocelot08.05. 10:50h Thx Anton
  • Falcon08.05. 08:10h Jeankuh, I added the logo into the forum, look into the members section. Fot the PW app me when you forgot it.
  • Jade Falcon22.03. 15:09h stoned yes, drunk no bitch no :P
  • Killer21.03. 18:18h Hey fucking bloody Wonker your're a stoned drunk bitch
  • Jade Falcon19.03. 17:31h yes piraq, markie is STILL our bitch ;)
  • Killer16.03. 22:26h Hey Pierre offcourse it's Markie :p
  • Falcon15.03. 20:58h Hi there Pierre :) How are you doing ?
  • Piraq15.03. 20:24h Marksij?
  • Piraq15.03. 19:43h hi killer
  • Falcon15.03. 18:02h Leigh.....Mark asked where all the gamers are.....well...that was my answer to his question :)


Welcome to the -NATE- Community website

The -NATE- Clan is mainly a COOP Community, playing COOP games and sometimes Adverserial.
-NATE- Started as a Pistols clan but since we play more than just shooters, we decided to leave the pistols away from
our name and we decided to call ourself a community instead of a clan, since we found out that we are a bunch of people
interested in each others cultures and share thoughts as a community.If you would like to join, you have to wait for an admin or member to ask you to join us.
In any other way there is no registration possible.
If you joined -NATE- be so kind to behave yourself on any server you join when wearing our TAG in front of your name.
Please be free to read our rules.
What do we expect from our members:

  • In first place, a member who shows interest in our community by visiting the website and/or the forum regularly

  • behave yourself on any server using our tag "-NATE-"

  • respect the desicions of our admins or write your protest in the forum, don't speak to an admin in person about it.

  • Most important: know the RULES !!