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Jade Falcon - 15.01. 23:50h
yo other peoples we have facebook group join us there, website is going down for move soon!

Falcon - 14.01. 22:08h
Yo Osman, dat is wel weer ff geleden zeg.....alles flex hier man...bij jou dan?

-NATE-Osman - 14.01. 14:20h
Yo gasten alles goed?

Angel - 09.01. 21:57h
Hallo ik leef nog hoor maar ben ondertussen papa van twee Kids dus mijn game ambitie is erniet zoveel bij en als ik tijd heb speel ik speel rust maar leuke tezien dat jullie nog van de partij zijn falcon maar Denemarken in Groningen of in Denemarken?

Jade Falcon - 04.01. 14:49h
Hoi! happy new year all from us lot here, hope all goes well especially with the move anton, stay safe bitches!

Mandy - 03.01. 22:32h
Happy new year all!

Falcon - 31.12. 22:23h
To all you there, Happy New Year in Advance in good health

Jade Falcon - 20.11. 01:20h
damn thats a long time ffs man

Falcon - 19.11. 21:00h
Thanx m8, I hink it will be somewhere around june before we will get a house there......

Jade Falcon - 17.11. 21:29h
good luck with the move m8y, hope it all goes well!

Falcon - 17.11. 20:50h
The domain and website will remain untill december 23 2021, I will set up the new domain after we have been settled....

Falcon - 17.11. 20:24h
Hi all, since we plan again to move to Denmark, I am about to quit the webhosting which will mean that we will have no website temporary neither teamspeak

Jade Falcon - 30.08. 21:11h
its ok he is in the land of the living just got a reply to FB message

Falcon - 28.08. 23:37h
No mate, not me. Been here at very unusual moments, but not seen him.

Jade Falcon - 27.08. 20:35h
has anybody spoken to bradley lately ? last login to steam was 3 months ago

Jade Falcon - 16.08. 22:10h
yay finally got it sorted :D

Mandy - 07.08. 17:14h
that's a lie, he's playing Halo...

-NATE-Pretend - 07.08. 14:38h
Working on it;)

Jade Falcon - 30.07. 14:02h
sort the fucking SSL out, expired certificate

Falcon - 17.05. 23:03h
By the way, I bought the 1 file fast download. So I put that one on our serverlist :D