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Jade Falcon - 03.01. 18:05h
Bloody Wonkers!

-NATE-Falcon - 02.01. 18:05h
Happy New Year all, hope it will be a good year for all

-NATE- Mandy - 02.01. 15:04h
Merry new year (since we're late for Christmas) from Aron and I.

Ocelot - 01.01. 00:53h
harry new year and a healty 2021

-NATE-Falcon - 31.12. 22:26h
Countdown for new year.....I'll be back after the fireworks and celebrations

Jade Falcon - 27.12. 20:31h
Merry Xmas to all you guys :D , sorry am late with it

-NATE-Falcon - 27.12. 15:31h
When you use the IP for connection to the TS server, the IP has changed....ask for the new one or join just with the website url

Killer - 27.12. 15:02h
Merry x-mas to all of the NATE's

-NATE-Falcon - 25.12. 17:28h
Merry X-mas to all of the -NATE- members and their families.

-NATE-Falcon - 24.12. 20:30h
Well....the website is back and teamspeak is running again

Falcon - 02.10. 13:16h
The website project is as good as finished and I would like to hear from you wheather you like the fresh colours or not. The site structure is a simple build thing but it does what I want it to do. input is welcome.

Falcon - 01.10. 19:33h
Just for the interested ones, I have been building something as a try-out. A new website : http://www.nate-clan.nl/projectnate

Dating for everyone. Just do i - 01.10. 17:46h
Dating for everyone. Just do it! Follow this link: http://bit.do/fJrxN?h=ec56c0ec9f10b40e5c371776db7ee719&

Falcon - 23.09. 08:30h
Update about the bursitis, the medication didn't work, so further investigation will follow up...after thursday I hope to know more....and yes..it is very painfull...thanks for your understanding my friends

Mandy - 20.09. 23:59h
Sounds painfull... Take care Anton!

Jade Falcon - 20.09. 23:08h
ouf thats not fucking good matey chops, relax winter is coming so chill n get well soon man :)

Falcon - 19.09. 12:42h
Hi all, due to a bursitis in both of my shoulders I won't be able to play for a while. I hope to recover soon.

-NATE-Falcon - 04.09. 19:54h
Hi all, tonight I will be playing might be around midnight or so

Killer - 01.07. 20:34h
Hey Anton the TS server gives an Error

Jade Falcon - 17.04. 00:18h