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Jade Falcon - 30.08. 21:11h
its ok he is in the land of the living just got a reply to FB message

Falcon - 28.08. 23:37h
No mate, not me. Been here at very unusual moments, but not seen him.

Jade Falcon - 27.08. 20:35h
has anybody spoken to bradley lately ? last login to steam was 3 months ago

Jade Falcon - 16.08. 22:10h
yay finally got it sorted :D

Mandy - 07.08. 17:14h
that's a lie, he's playing Halo...

-NATE-Pretend - 07.08. 14:38h
Working on it;)

Jade Falcon - 30.07. 14:02h
sort the fucking SSL out, expired certificate

Falcon - 17.05. 23:03h
By the way, I bought the 1 file fast download. So I put that one on our serverlist :D

Falcon - 17.05. 23:00h
ProMods V2.55 is out now, in order to play the game you need this. I might put it on our server later this week if there is interest

Mandy - 13.04. 20:41h
Much better Anton... Hahaha

-NATE-Falcon - 06.04. 08:12h
Well...the text and background colours are back....took some time but that's work behind the scenes

-NATE-Falcon - 02.04. 01:08h
Where are you Jeankuh....

-NATE-Ocelot - 02.04. 01:04h
where is the yellow ?

-NATE-Falcon - 01.04. 00:26h
Allright you all, background colours back to original -NATE- colours, hope you're all satisfied now :D

Jade Falcon - 26.01. 17:10h
nope i dont have breakpoint m8

-NATE-Falcon - 26.01. 02:41h
Leigh, do you have Breakpoint?...join us asp :)

Jade Falcon - 25.01. 17:42h
shhhh you'll make it look like people are here :P

NATE-Falcon - 24.01. 23:24h
It's all so quiet lately...where is everyone :D I am at work now ;)

Jade Falcon - 03.01. 18:05h
Bloody Wonkers!

-NATE-Falcon - 02.01. 18:05h
Happy New Year all, hope it will be a good year for all