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Welcome to the -NATE- Community website

The -NATE- Clan is mainly a COOP Community, playing COOP games and sometimes Adverserial. -NATE- Started as a Pistols clan but since we play more than just shooters, we decided to leave the pistols away from our name and we decided to call ourself a community instead of a clan, since we found out that we are a bunch of people interested in each others cultures and share thoughts as a community.If you would like to join, you have to wait for an admin or member to ask you to join us. In any other way there is no registration possible. If you joined -NATE- be so kind to behave yourself on any server you join when wearing our TAG in front of your name. Please be free to read our rules.

What do we expect from our members:

  • In first place, a member who shows interest in our community by visiting the website and/or the forum regularly
  • behave yourself on any server using our tag "-NATE-"
  • respect the desicions of our admins or write your protest in the forum, don't speak to an admin in person about it.
  • Most important: know the RULES !!

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