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These are the clanrules for the -NATE- Pistols Clan.

The rules are simple but nice and relaxed.

  • Be kind and neat to any other player you play with
  • Follow the instructions of any admin/moderator or senior member (a senior member is a member registrated before your registration)
  • If you are guest on another server, behave and do not discuss with the admins there.
  • -NATE- is a COOP gaming clan, so play as a team.
  • Don't commit suicide or cheat (this will result in an immediate ban)
  • It is not allowed to TK (teamkill), shoot barrels or using the ZULU command (this will result in an immediate ban);
  • Don't camp during TDM matches or spectate for a long time on our server (this will result in a kick)
  • Use AUTOTEAM when you join our server and when a new match starts, do not switch teams without being asked.
  • Everyone should speak english in chat and teamspeak (unless there are only ppl together who speak the same language)
  • The minimum age is 16 years, if you are younger, do not join the clan or the servers.
  • As mentioned before, use polite language, don't use CAPS and rude words and do not insult.
  • JohnDoe is not a name, if you can't think of another name, leave and come back when you found one.
  • Do not spam in the chat or sound spam during the gameplay.
  • These rules are there to improve the fun on the servers, to keep the fun up, obey these rules or leave...

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